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Some instagrams from day trip to Tainan today.

Sorry I’ve been absent again I’ve got a lot I want to share but can’t find the time and peace of mind for it, what with moving + the unrest going on in Taiwan right now :(

I’m probably upset about it for all the wrong reasons but I’m fairly frustrated, and even more so because I leave Taiwan in a week and I’m mad that I can’t do more for the remaining time I have here.

Here is a Japanese petition for anyone who might be willing to help out from overseas:キャンペーン/台北駐日経済文化代表処-中国と台湾間の-サービス貿易協定-の撤回を希望します

Be back sooooooon

The Indoor Deserts Of Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés

The images of photographer Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés‘ series Indoor Desert seem like elaborate installations.  However, he actually found them this way.  These buildings were once part of a town named Kolmanskop in southern Namibia.  It had been situated near a gold mine.  When the mine ran dry it was abandoned as was the town.  The strong winds quickly overtook the town filling its buildings with the sand of the nearby Namib desert.  The homes now filled with desert instead of families only emphasizes each photographs loneliness and underscores the immense power of nature.