Oh! Its also for the ds/the first game was released in the us, so there are either roms online or you can get it super cheap at gamestop for $5 (which is what i did sdfds). I'm not sure which characters are in which game, but there are /so many cute/ villagers to date, you get to solve mysteries, and do magic and i just highly recommend it! c:

aaah thats super cool, thanks for the info!

Yep!! Dating! c: and in the game, you can date multiple people at once. (With the opp sex, its called 'best friends' but its basically the same thing and the dating is hella cute)

WHAT I want to play I want to date bat boy


lame, rough, unfinished translations by someone who actually doesn’t know japanese

I laughed real hard when I first read this in a japanese bookstore. Yeah I stood there and laughed. Alone.